One of Wally Burr’s earliest assignments in the advertising industry was producing TV commercials for Chicago’s renowned Leo Burnett Advertising Agency.  Long before Burr joined Burnett, the legendary Leo had written a corporate motto: “Reach for the stars. You may not get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.”

Leo’s stars still guide Burnett writers, producers, and art directors in creating and presenting the images, words and music that move buyers to reach for. . .

Kellogg’s -”The best to you each morning…”
Green Giant’s – “From The Valley of the Jolly…”
StarKist Tuna’s – “Sorry, Charlie…”
Allstate’s – “You’re in good hands…”
Marlboro’s – “You get a lot to like…” (with apologies to the current PC crowd)

While Burr produced and directed on these and many other Burnett accounts, in a business where truth can become tough to distinguish from truthiness, he began considering having his own personal motto. One day, “No B.S.” popped into his consciousness. Less elegant than Leo’s motto, but more intensely focused on keeping things straightforward, candid and honest, it would have been appreciated by both Washington and Lincoln — although neither owned cattle!

So, no. “No B.S. is not Wally Burr’s middle name, but it is part of his conscience.

Burr’s No-B.S. stance comes complete with over 25 years of experience as a producer and director, both freelance and staff — in nearly every area of the audio-visual field. It includes:

Hands-on direction of countless radio and TV commercials for nationally advertised products and services…!

Live action and animated business films — for sales, educational, promotional and institutional projects…!

Live action and animated entertainment TV for national broadcast…!

Theatrical feature film production…!

The casting and direction of video game voices. Extensive experience with the Hollywood and Vancouver, B.C. talent pools, both union and often equally talented non-union performers!

Casting and voice direction of more than 2,000 half-hours of internationally broadcast animated TV — approximately half of them action-adventure and the other half comedy.

Much experience with celebrity performers — and the know-how to accommodate their needs.

Planning and direction of blue-screen special effects work…!

Although not an audio engineer, Wally Burr has owned and operated two recording studios specializing in voice recording and audio post-production for all media. He knows his way around a recording facility.

For those of you reading this who might want to start acting in the voiceover world, or who need some brushing up, Wally also teaches voice-over, assists actors in the preparation of their voice-over demos, and directs actors in the recording of their demos.  Go to the CONTACT PAGE to reach him.